Tenuta dell'Ornellaia - Masseto 2006


Toscana IGT

100% Merlot

Anbau: konventionell

Ausbau: 24 Monate Barrique, 12 Monate Flaschenreifung

Lagerpotenzial: 2031+

Inhalt: 75 cl

Rarität - perfekte Flaschen




I remember the first time I tasted the 2006 Masseto. It's that kind of wine. The 2006 is every bit as magnificent today. Dense, richly-textured and potent to its core, the 2006 is a wine for readers who can be patient. I love the brooding intensity and sense of gravitas the 2006 conveys. Tonight, it is stellar, but still so young. 99/100 (01.2020) - vinous.com


I still remember where I was the first time I tasted the 2006 Masseto. Since then, I have tasted the 2006 several times. It has never been anything less than utterly profound. That is once again the case on this night. Readers who are cellaring the 2006 Masseto in magnum will want to wait at least a few years for it to be at its very best. Still, it is magnificent tonight. 99/100 (01.2017) - vinous.com


The wine that most delighted me at this historic tasting of Tuscany's most iconic wines was the 2006 Masseto. This is a wine of sheer power, bliss, opulence, infinity and sublime seduction. This Merlot-based masterpiece hits all your senses with the grace of a ballerina and the power of a heavyweight. It is steady on its proverbial feet, but it also glides over the palate with a profound sense of elegance, harmony and rhythm. Among the prized vintages of Masseto, including 2001, 2004 and 2007, this edition is my favorite. The wine delivers an extra sense of tightness or firmness at the back that serves to stitch together its fleshy richness and general sumptuousness. The personality is sunny, expansive, articulate and sophisticated. You'll remember that the 2006 vintage is celebrated for the elegance of its wines. In the coastal Bolgheri appellation, it is also remembered for the power of its wines. You get the best of both worlds with this stunning creation: elegance and power. These traits are particularly well suited to the versatile grape variety at the heart of this Tuscan all-rounder. This is a true Renaissance wine. 100/100 (01.2016) - robertparker.com


The 2006 Masseto remains the greatest wine made at this now iconic Bolgheri estate. When it was young, the 2006 was a powerhouse, but over the last few years a more elegant, restrained side of the wine has begun to emerge. The tannins remain sinewy and intense, but at the same time, there is a purity and overall brightness in the flavors that ensure the 2006 will drink beautifully for another twenty years or so.  Sweet floral and spiced notes invite a second taste, and then a third in a wine that captures the pedigree of Merlot and this privileged site on the Tuscan Coast. 99/100 (02.2015) - vinous.com


In my opinion, the 2006 Masseto is the greatest ever made, and this tasting confirmed the wine's justly deserved reputation as an icon. With absolutely nothing out of place, the 2006 came across as rich, dense and totally beautiful, The 2006 is essentially a combination of 2007 and 2008, with a little more elegance added in for good measure. What a wine! 99/100 (02.2012) - vinous.com


In my view the 2006 is the greatest Masseto ever made, and the wine certainly lives up to those expectations tonight. It is a marvelously balanced wine with well-articulated aromatics and generous fruit, all supported by powerful yet sophisticated tannins. This is a fabulous showing. 99/100 (04.2011) - vinous.com


I can still remember nearly falling out of my chair the first time I tasted the 2006 Masseto (100% Merlot) from barrel. The wine is now in bottle, and it is every bit as monumental as I had hoped. The wine possesses staggering richness in a style that perfectly captures the essence of this great Tuscan vintage. Black cherries, flowers, licorice and sweet toasted oak are just some of the nuances that emerge from the 2006 Masseto. A wine of breathtaking depth, it also reveals superb clarity, freshness and vibrancy in sumptuous, beautifully-balanced style. Simply put, the 2006 Masseto is a masterpiece from Tenuta dell' Ornellaia. According to Agronomist/General Manager Leonardo Raspini the dryness of the vintage slowed down the maturation of the sugars, leaving the wine with an unusually high level of acidity, and therefore freshness, considering its overall ripeness. 99/100 (08.2009) - vinous.com

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