Castello della Sala / Antinori - Muffato della Sala 2013


Umbria IGT

Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Gewürztraminer, Grechetto

Anbau: konventionell

Ausbau: 6 Monate Barrique, mehrere Monate Flaschenreifung

Lagerpotenzial: 2028+

Inhalt: 50 cl




The release timeline for this sunny dessert wine is a bit off because this 2013 vintage is hitting the market after the weaker 2014 vintage edition was released. That was a cool and wet vintage, and although the Botrytis cinerea set in easily enough, the 2014 vintage is noticeably thinner and weaker in terms of intensity. The 2013 Muffato della Sala (packaged in a 500-milliliter bottle) takes that intensity way up, thanks to the normal, or classic, weather seen in this growing season. The bouquet delivers honey, acacia flower and touches of caramel. The wine's texture is rich and beautifully enhanced by dried apricot and quince.  94/100 (10.2019) -

CHF 30.00

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